The Millennial Times Monthly – 10 Random Facts You Deserve To Know

  1. Google plans to run on 100% renewable energy by the end of this year (2017). To achieve this, they purchased 2.6 gigawatts of wind and solar energy, which is more than many large utility companies.
  2. Dutch trains now run entirely on wind energy. The wind powers 5,500 trips per day, enabling 600,000 daily train passengers to commute without any emissions. Over the course of an hour, a single windmill can power a train for 120 miles.
  3. Little girls start believing gender stereotypes by age 6. A 2017 study found that the stereotype of a high-level of intellectual ability¬†being more associated with men influences children as young as 6, an age where girls begin to ignore activities that are said to be for smart people. At age 5, the kids in the study saw both genders as equals, but by age 6, the girls thought of the boys as more intelligent and avoided playing games intended for ‘really, really smart’ kids.
  4. Farmers feed their cows Skittles. Some farmers add candy, chocolate, cereal, or molasses to their conventional feed as a cheap substitute for corn. Sugar reportedly helps cows with digestion, milk production, and to gain fat. Mars Inc. sells their unused Skittles to companies that melt them down and add them to livestock feed, which farmers buy to save money when the cost of corn is too high.
  5. In Japan, public napping is a sign of hard work. It’s called ‘inemuri,’ which means ‘sleeping on duty’ or ‘sleeping while present.’ Falling asleep in public is thought to be a symptom of working yourself to exhaustion. It’s socially acceptable in restaurants, stores, commuter trains, and on park benches. Just don’t be disrespectful and sprawl out and take up too much space.
  6. Jams are made of fruit, and jellies are made of juice. While jam consists of whole fruit that’s been crushed or cut into pieces, jelly consists of fruit juice that’s firmed with pectin. Know your facts people.
  7. Emails sent on Mondays have the most mistakes in the subject line. Also, when emails do have mistakes in the subject line, they’re about 5% less likely to get a response…which means a lot of Monday emails are major fails that won’t even get a reply.
  8. Nikola Tesla had such severe OCD that he rarely slept, was an extreme germaphobe, hated round objects, refused to touch hair, was fixated on doing things in sets of 3, had to have 18 napkins on his table during meals, counted his steps wherever he walked, and had a “violent aversion against the earrings of women.” He also died a virgin (most likely) and fell in love with a pigeon. Maybe there is hope after all…
  9. The founder of Little Caesars pizza paid Rosa Parks’ rent for over 10 years. When Mike Ilitch learned the 81-year-old civil rights activist had been robbed and beaten in her Detroit home in 1994, he wanted to move her to a safer apartment so he established a trust to cover the housing expenses and continued paying her rent every single month until she died in 2005.
  10. One of the best ways to remember something is to tell someone else about it. Studies show when you immediately relay what you’ve learned, you’re more likely to remember the details for longer than if you just re-read your notes or textbook. When your brain categorizes memories, it keeps the most important ones more accessible, because it assumes the information you’ve told someone else must be pretty important.

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