What is Happening in France’s 2017 Presidential Election?

2017-02-07t172130z_2_lynxmped160n6_rtroptp_3_france-election-macron-jpg-cfimgres-4Marine Le Pen, FN political party leader and candidate for the French 2017 presidential election, attends the 2-day FN political rally to launch the presidential campaign in Lyon


France’s first round presidential elections is scheduled on April 23rd this year. Based on recent polls, it seems as though the anti-euro, anti-refugee, pro-Trump candidate, Marine Le Pen, will be advancing onto the second round of the elections on May 7th. She is an unorthodox candidate looking to gain momentum through making France a more independent country having more national pride.

Who will she see in the second round election? The two most likely candidates are Republican leader Francois Fillon or Economy Minister Emmanual Macron. Fillon, however, was just caught paying his wife and two sons for jobs in Parliament they never did. This scandal is called “Penelopegate” named after his wife, Penelope. Payments throughout the years totaled to about 1 million euros. Strange, seeing his platform is anti-corruption. This makes us believe Macron will be advancing onto the second round of the elections, facing Le Pen. In polls with Macron vs. Le Pen, almost all of them favored Macron by more than 60%.

Le Pen is advocating to reduce income taxes in the bottom three tax brackets by 10%, lowering the corporate tax rates for small and medium-sized enterprises, cutting payroll taxes for small and medium-sized enterprises, and allowing overtime pay (above 35 hours) to be earned tax-free. This would not only stimulate the economy within France’s borders, but outside of it making it a new hot spot for foreign direct investments. Le Pen seems to know what she is doing, does Macron?

With every new election it seems as though Russia has something to say. Russian news outlets are streaming news that Macron is homosexual, and that he is cheating on his wife with a man. Macron denies the claims,  but will that be enough to stray voters away? We’re not too sure, but that is a comical approach nonetheless. “Fake News” strikes again, however we’re bringing you the #notfakenews. Stay tuned for more non-fake foreign news. #themillennialtimes


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