The Wage Gap. A Conservative Males Perspective.

money-master1050Let’s start with the name. A wage is defined as “a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis, made by an employer to an employee, especially to a manual or unskilled worker.” Earnings is defined as “money obtained in return for labor or services.” It is more accurate to say the “Gender Earnings Gap.”


When discussing about the infamous gender earnings gap, the study of women earning roughly 78 cents for every dollar a man earns continues to make its way into the conversation. This however, is incredibly inaccurate. The study takes into account the all the salaries earned by women divided by how many women were surveyed and all the salaries earned by men divided by how many men were surveyed. Of course these numbers are going to be different…women and men make different life choices!


A study found that full time male workers work an average of 43.3 hours per week, while full time female workers work on average of 41.5 hours per week. If you work more hours you either earn more money or you are on the path that leads you to earn more money. Makes sense to me…


What about age? Among non-college-educated singles between ages 22 to 29, there are 9.4 million men and 7.1 million women. And if you look at the women in that age group who are non-college-educated, about 30 percent of the women are married but only 22 percent of the men are married. What does this mean? Men have less responsibility and more time for video games…I mean work. This increases the chances of workaholics being male then female.


A study found that the average male full time employee has been at his current job for 5 years and the average female for 4.4 years. The study also reveals that women prefer part-time work at a rate of five to one over men. This is simply because women make different choices than men in regards to from which industry they pursue to how many hours they would want to work. Often, a man is more inclined to stay at work and miss his daughter or son’s school play over a woman. Nobody is forcing men to stay at work or forcing women to leave, it is all individual choices.


Women are more likely to have “gaps” in their careers, primarily because of pregnancy and child care (most women want to take care of their own children, again a choice). This eventually leads to less experience in their field, which also means a lower salary. What about women who have no children? A study found that urban women with no children between the ages of 22 and 30 earned 8% more than men in the same positions. What about never-married women without children? A study found that women between the ages 40 and 64 made more money than men.


Dangerous Jobs (such as coal mining) pay more and are more male dominated. Women are not banned from being coal miners, they simply don’t want to do that day in and day out. Men make up 93.1% of workplace fatalities. More risk = more reward.


Men are also more willing to commute longer distances to work. The average man gas a 23% longer commute time than the average woman. Increased risk and inconvenience to and from work must be compensated somehow…the normal way is to do so with money. A longer commute also expands career opportunities and possibilities. Commuting further distances expands the range of the jobs that can be of interest to you and with that the range for salaries expand as well.


Comparing the differences between men and women life choices tells a different story than comparing the differences between the general median women and men earnings. The real gender earnings gap is within cents of each other. The fact is some positions pay men more than women and some positions pay women more than men. Salaries are not based on gender, they are based on life choices. Different choices yield different salaries. It’s like comparing two identical people in two different industries – one will make more than the other. Now go out there and make the right life choices.


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