Italian Prime Minister Resigns

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned after what is appearing to be a crushing defeat, doing such because of a failed attempt at constitutional reform that would have changed the power between the executive and parliament branches of the Italian government. Cries about a Brexit style win for the Five Star Movement in Italy are pouring out. Ironically the group has a specific point about leaving the Eurozone, just as Nigel Farage and the Brexit movement essentially did. Matteo Renzi had the same response had David Cameron. Where is this odd sway in government coming from world wide?f243ba149b9b05618f9d28382e4df16cd3cf73f2daf0a3c9465fe5c9a2dcc1b3

(The Local)

After exploring how much the middle east has effected the world, country’s are demanding governments to ensure them that these wars wont happen domestically. Attacks in France, U.S.A., and Brussels have the world pointing fingers and scared to death.

The housing bubble crisis caused an economic disturbance so deep, its reverberating to a global scale. Humans are demanding that health cares is a right to people. Yet it remains a business to governments. War is looming and they want a solution. Countries are divided on what these solutions should be.

The United Kingdom, and Italy’s parties don’t have the exact ideas or policies the Trump movement did in the States. The Five Star Movement or the “no” voters is like a conservative infused ideology similar to what has been happening globally. Its not a wave of “fascism”. These movements are something unique and also absolutely terrifying. Its nationalism in a different kind of light. A global political experiment the world is embarking on with no map.

They want nothing to do with the European Union. “No” voters don’t want to owe them a single Euro. On top of that, they want to leave the Euro zone. No one knows what would happen to the Euro after that, but it could and, most likely would, be bad news for the Euro. Not necessarily Italy however. They wanted income equality, or universal income guaranteed by the government.e9bc711e2c478c77d51fdbebd1ec5a17_l

(Modern Diplomacy)

Right now the world is screaming “Super right wing. Alt-right movement. Hitler. Everyone is a Nazi!”. Relax before jumping to conclusions. There is a striking resemblance to the Fascist movement of Italy, Germany, as well as Spain. However none of these countries have committed mass genocide following the elections. Their leaders have said no such thing as well. So settle down. Trump, Brexit, and the Five Star Movement supporters do not all deserve to be called Nazis. Except for the ones that are Nazis.

Perhaps folks have forgotten how much religion can play a role. People have felt like their governments let them down. Part economic disaster, part refugee crisis, and part media dramatization of war. The Alt-right was given birth because of the regressive left. This global result is a shift in democrazy. Not a typo,we said it democrazy.

The world is turning into a democrazy from fear mongering media outlets. Perhaps the world feels we need to keep things more traditional. Religiously; radical Evangelicals and radical Islamic extremists are not all that different. Dylan Ruth is no different from any member of ISIS. But these events that have occurred in Paris, London, California, and Brussels clearly have a more global impact. Europe as a whole failed to unite against this problem, and now Americans are as well.

Countries like Italy, Greece, and Macedonia had a massive amount of refugees come there way seeking freedom and safety. These poor people were running to anywhere they could, millions of people have been displaced and are fleeing war torn areas. When governments responded with aid,  native citizens and more specifically the less fortunate citizens, lashed out demanding immigration to stop. Governments responded as well.

This growing trend was fueled by so many people loosing work. The global terror attacks did not help either. People who were left broken were also looking for a scape goat, and that’s how nationalism took off. Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, have all made radical adjustments for better or for worse. Will France be next?

Interestingly enough Austria did something similar, but instead elected a Green Party candidate, the first in European history. It is amazing to see politicians truly have an agenda only to help our planet and species as the Green Party does. France has a growing nationalistic ember burning. In the wake of all the terror attacks it isn’t all that shocking. However, we wont know if we will witness a Frexit for real. Undoubtedly the landscape of Europe would be changed forever if this happened.

Our point of all this is, two wrongs dont make a right, and lets give everyone a chance before we hit the bed at night. For all we know, these governments could turn our world into a better place. Although it seems highly unlikely.

Modern Diplomacy



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