The FDA Loves Cancer and There’s Nothing You Can Do About it.

It isn’t click bait. Why on earth would the FDA want to ban a massive amount of flavors containing nicotine juices for vapes. Well, considering cancer rates are down by 23% in the age of ‘less smoking’, and more vaping; that is less money for the billion dollar cancer industry. If people are going to be vaping, instead of using a nicotine patch or Chantix to quit smoking, where does that leave the profit? This is a larger view of the cigarette industry that is often over looked. The cancer caused by these cigarettes, are a massive profit for medical companies everywhere. Think about it like this. Why are casinos some of the biggest sponsors and awareness groups for gambling addiction? They make money off both. As does the FDA when it comes to cigarettes, treatment, and illness.


Why do we have an FDA? At this point, it boggles everyone’s mind.  They pump our children full of meth, literal meth click the hyper link were not exaggerating. They tell us that cocaine is safer than weed? The same administration is now trying to impose absurd regulations on vapes. The science behind vape health from numerous studies, and what the FDA is claiming doesn’t match. There has yet to be a proven case of the so called “pop-corn lung” caused by vapes. Yet there has shown to be a direct link towards cancer and nicotine gum. This might lead to a public outrage with the FDA considering one in ten people are vape users in America.

It would be about time for that anyway. However, top economists are predicting that vaping is going to be a huge part of american history, and a huge battle for individual rights. Movements like point to an entirely different view point than the big tobacco funded studies on vape. No one is saying vaping is healthy, or advising people to vape, however that being said, if one is a smoker, vaping is a much healthier alternative. Lets talk about the nicotine industry as a whole, from top to bottom.


First and foremost you have your tobacco companies. Altria owns a majority of the industry being the parent company of Phillip Morris. Than there is the chew industry dominated by UST incorporated, who is also owned by Altria, having products such as Skoal, and Copenhagen. Cigars are both commercial, and prized possessions but are often overlooked in comparison to cigarette and dip sales. All of these products cause cancer. Up until the 1950’s, they were encouraged by our own government to be consumed. After the surgeon general deemed them harmful, the biggest crisis in the tobacco public relations world emerged.

So following the wave of studies that suggested tobacco causes cancer, birth defects, and numerous other ailments; the age of the quit smoking drugs appeared with the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, as well as things like Chantix. These helped save an enormous amount of lives. Similar to cigarettes, these products stay in use because people stay addicted. With no posed threat from other recreational drugs, big tobacco began funding quit smoking campaigns and the quit smoking products themselves.

Lastly the metal box wielding, cloud blowing, ‘my chemical romance’ looking vapers. Not all vapers are like this. We are aware. However enjoy this funny meme because you deserve it.


Seriously look at that crowd of people. This is a massive group. There is no truly decisive link to vaping causing any of the absolutely proven side effects that cigarettes have. In fact a lot of the ingredients are approved by the FDA in the first place. When they are combined with different flavors The FDA says it hasn’t approved these combinations. That is like banning apple pies and cinnamon buns but keeping cinnamon, and flower legal. It makes a lot of sense if one is part of a government organization that is receiving a massive amount of money from nicotine drugs, the big tobacco tax, and the illness from lung related diseases along with cancer.

The FDA is about to experience a huge back lash. So many people have successfully annihilated there there cigarette habit through vaping. This notion that vapes are more geared towards the youth is just absurd as well. Go to any tumblr gif. Anything tween or teen related for that matter and you see cool pictures of celebrities smoking cigarettes with some absurd quote about life. Musicians, models, and icons of all kind smoke. If anything vapers are so ridiculed for the obnoxious stereotype it’s  probably less likely that underage people would be attracted to the products. Seriously, explore the internet and see how much people hate vaping. Simple type in “U vape bro?” or “We get it you vape”. Not to mention studies show that the tobacco use people in the US has dropped to its lowest points ever.

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