The “Secret” Crisis In The Korean Peninsula

Protesters will continue to take to the South Korean capital streets by the millions. Park Geun-hye is being impeached and may also very well be prosecuted. Professors, citizens, and the media alike see this as the biggest crisis since the country was established. While mass media in America is focusing on the Middle East and the election of Donald Trump; The Korean peninsula as well as the pacific nations of the world are undergoing cold war type tensions that could result in an all out conflict between Japan/South Korea vs. China/North Korea. In this case the US would also likely be involved.

So, with South Korean leadership in a confusing state, could this lead to that dreaded term called “power vacuum”, in which North Korea could take scary advantage of? All it takes is one group of students obsessed with Marxism and angry with an establishment that has wronged them so bad, that they are willing to hear the cry’s of those in the North and potentially rationalize a dictator. Ms. Park has publicly apologized twice for the scandal. Choi Soon Sil, allegedly used Ms. park and her political power to gain millions of dollars. Potentially, Ms Choi, and Ms. Park were extorting corporations for millions. In a country like South Korea where capitalism and democracy are flourishing within an economy driven by the likes of Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, this has been a terrible blow. Park and Choi are accused of setting up businesses that took profit from the companies. Prosecutors have a substantial amount of evidence against them. Essentially they had drafted business ideas themselves, made them into “reality” and never truly planned on doing anything with it.

Ms. Park has the lowest approval rating of any South Korean leader in the history of the country. The youth is furious. With one of the most demanding school systems in the world, South Koreans feel cheated out of money as well as jobs. These companies struck deals that otherwise would have been done by Samsung, Hyundai, or LG themselves. In theory, this potentially cost a substantial amount of people work in which the public feels they could have worked if they weren’t cheated out of it. Millions of people are taking to the streets of Seoul and are expected to protest until their voice is heard. Kim Jong-un could take advantage of the unrest, and North Korean defectors who live in South Korea say that he already is.

Here are some facts about North Korea in the year 2016. They should alarm our readers. They have a standing army of 1.9 million people, and a para-military that is anywhere from 3-6 million people ready to fight. They have as many submarines as the USA does. They are stuck in a time that resembles imperialistic Japan, but hate Japan, and South Korea. Oh whats that? Yes per capita North Korea has the largest military even beating the U.S. Scared yet? No? Well North Korea continues to test Nuclear weapons and IBM missiles. The American Media paints North Korea as a giant prison camp that is poor and has nothing. They fail to explain that the reason they have nothing is because 100% of everything and anything North Korean is going to the Military of the Dear Leader. Not literally 100% but you get the picture. Dictator + Brainwashing + Weapons = Bad time. With tests as recent as a few months ago as well as growing unrest among South Koreans, will we see Kim Jong-un test the world’s notion that this is the most peaceful time? Hopefully, if Ms. Park steps down in South Korea and people re-adjust themselves, we wont see an event that could de-stabilize Asian, US, and Chinese relations. At Grime Inc we hope the people of South Korea get what they want, and that North Koreans are finally liberated from that mad man.

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