Some Food For Thought On Perhaps Two Hopefuls For The XXL Freshmen

Here are two Rappers that will undoubtedly enter your play-list after reading this. Rap is ever evolving but every so often an artist comes out of the woodwork to make you really appreciate the genre and what it stands for. These two keep the real part of rap alive, but also add the new kick that is an ever evolving part of rap culture. Both hail from the east-coast and are heavy influenced by the origins in which the genre came from. More specifically how the genre came from their neck of the woods. When discussing hip-hop, if New Jersey, Philly, or New York City is not brought up at least once, we are telling you, you’re doing it wrong. We will kick start this article with our man Knowledge. He recently just opened up for Joe Budden, and has worked with gods of  rap like Rakim. He just got sponsored by Urban Kingz, a clothing line that embodies hip-hop fashion to the fullest while also servicing the need for that retro 90’s/hip-hop hipster look everyone is doing.


Q: What made you pursue rap?

A: My Dad got me interested in the thought hip-hop so thank to him, I am a student of the game.

Q:Where are you from and where did you grow up?

A: Im from Philly and I still live in my city!

Q:What pays the bills?

A: Rap sort of pays the bills at the moment but I’m in college so the family + refund checks looks out.

Q: Who are your favorite rappers right now?

A: No one really I love various artists but no one in particular in today’s music has gave me eargas.

Q:Where can people reach you/see your content?

A: Sound Cloud, Band Camp, iTunes, the whole nine yards. Follow my social media for updates too @215Knowledge

Q: How many shows are you planning for the 2017 year?

A: However they come, I’m taking them.

Grime Inc has been following Knowledge since we discovered his tracks on Soundcloud. Its rare that up, and coming rappers make amazing songs out of old school beats. Time and time again we hear people who are trying to mimic the sound of tribe called quest when they make a track over their beats. Knowledge made his own sound, while still using some of the most classic and foundation forming hip-hop beats. Rapping over Tribe, and Pharcyde beats with a new school old school flow that you have to hear to understand.  He also recently was just nominated by the @Philly Hip-Hop awards as the best New-Wave artist!

Next up our very own, Grimey Rhymes.

Born Brian Robertazzi, he has come into his own with his newest release “Welcome To Suburbia” a project on soundcloud. For starters, Grimey Rhymes is not your average guy. He has gone on a spirit quest that the likes of Hunter S. Thompson wouldn’t go on. He speaks a valuable amount Spanish and has indulged in a vast a mount of psychedelic healing that would make Joe Rogan’s jaw drop. His music fuses political, psychedelic, and old school rap all into one, to produce a much broader idea and conversation. Grimey Rhymes and Skate Tribe are in the works with a massive amount of content to look out for.

Grimes Rhymes

Q: What made you pursue rap?

A:I had loved rap music from the first song I heard, but I actually started writing seriously around 16 or 17.. I had so much creative energy but didn’t really have a positive way to use it, and after the first couple verses I realized writing rhymes was the perfect way to do it.

Q:Where are you from and where did you grow up?

A; I was born in Carlstad, but I grew up in a middle/upper class suburb called Ridgewood but never really fit in with the crowd there.. Ive lived in a couple different spots in the Bergen/Passiac area, but now I’m living in Clifton, NJ with a couple of very other talented artists.

Q:What pays the bills?

A: Although I would do borderline anything for my music to pay the bills, sadly I have to wait on tables to get by. It obviously comes with its stresses(on top of taking courses at a community college) and money can get tight here and there but its faired me well so far.

Q: Who are your favorite rappers right now?

A:I can kinda be a hip hop snob…. Artist groups like Nas, Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn hill, The Fugees for that matter, 2pac, Wu-Tang, Souls of Mischief are some huge influences. Current people I would say Chance The Rapper, Joey Bada$$, J. Cole, and Earl, but I could never really have a top list theres so many great emcees.

Q:Where can people reach you/see your content

A: I have songs on Soundcloud, and on the Skate Tribe YouTube. in the coming months Ill be releasing more tracks on Spotify and ITunes.

Q: How many shows are you planning for the 2017 year?

A: We (Skate Tribe) performed a handful of shows throughout the Tri-State area over 2016 but we are looking forward to making a heavy push coast to coast for 2017.


Grime Inc has specifically been drawn to these two young mens careers. They embody what all the old guys of hip-hop want from the music, but also fill the demand that the ever changing genre asks for. The Beast Coastal movement has arguably saved hip-hop, and given birth to rappers such as Grimey Rhymes. The OG’s of rap influenced Knowledge, jsut like the influenced the Beast Coast. Truly, we see nothing but good things happening to Knowledge, and Grimey Rhymes in the future. If XXL wants to redeem themselves for last years freshman class, add these two to the list. Not that the last class was terrible, but Lil Uzi, 21 savage, and Lil Yacthy are almost a different genre in them selves. XXL needs to understand that Hip-hop is a culture that will forever be under attack, but the guys who truly respect the genre, and art cannot be passed over because they don’t have Instagram followers. We hope these two rappers catch your vibe.

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