Kanye West Will Be President Of The United States Of America In 2020.

Remember in our last article when we said we do not endorse political candidates? We changed our mind. Mr. West if you happen to read this, we would love to help with your campaign. Not only is it theoretically very possible Kanye West could become our president, but because of the psychology of the human brain, more specifically the millennial brain, Kanye West will become the leader of the free world.

Lets talk about when this may have started. At the VMAs, Kanye took the stage, spoke his mind, and announced he would run for president in 2020. Say what you want about Kanye, but similar to Trump, he says what ever is on his mind. He is honest. He’s literally ingrained into the psyche of people ages thirty and younger. People fail to realize how big of an impact Kanye West has on the younger generation. According to the science of developmental, and motivational psychology we may vote for Kanye purely off of the fact that his music as well as his life with the Kardashians, has released tremendous amounts of dopamine in the millennial brain. Millenials brains might be able to rationalize a vote for West. Who’s voice was there for them at their best, and worst of times in life. Music releases dopamine, and also has remarkably close resemblances of the activity that goes on when a human being prays.


Kanye West said he would have voted for Trump if he had voted. @Amy Wang provided a great article, a series of live tweets from @RaptorJesuss, and a video. Welcome to Democracy. If Donald Trump is capable of taking control of our government, Kanye West is just as likely to do the same thing. Remember “George Bush doesnt care about Black people.” This Kanye line will live in infamy. It was so simple and was the opinion of many whom had been displaced by Katrina at the time who had no voice. It was the Kanye way of telling conservative America how a majority of people felt about the party at the time.  Kanye later had elaborated on why he had said that and opened up a dialogue about him saying it, but had no regrets. Some call Kanye crazy. Crazy shouldn’t be a term for anyone now a days. Mental illness is all to trivialized by our public.

At Grime Inc, we say the only difference between you and Kanye, is the fact that he thinks out loud. What you see in Yeezy is what you get. He is 100% real whether you like him or not. He is also proving that Art will forever shape the way people think, act, and feel. Donald Trump seized the White House because of the power he got from the Apprentice. A show that held strong in the entertainment industry, and a public furious with the establishment were the perfect storm for Trump. If any billionaire could be president we would never have elected Trump. Entertainment is Art. Kanye West is the artist of this generation. In fact, upon googling Kanye West the first article that came up was  “Kanye West, American Mozart“. Put that in perspective of how many people absorb this guy on a daily basis.

Now lets rationalize what Mr. West was trying to say in his speech on tour. He was saying that rather than hearing someones opinions on Trump, we labeled Trump supporters as  racist. Where does that leave the small group of Black, Muslim, and Hispanic Trump voters? All Kanye was trying to say is that, the people wanted something entirely different, even if it might be the worst possible outcome. However, Kanye West made a very simple point. Education is what solves our problems, not politicians. So maybe a rapper who speaks to an entire generation; might know what the public wants and needs a little more than the average politician trying to get their voice heard for office. They get office so they can pass some legislation that allows some stupid waste of tax payers money to go to a whole bunch of nothing. After this election anything is possible.




Alright, if you add up Kanye West’s album sales, the number of followers he has on social media, his influence on the sale of other rap artists content, or the fashion industry, plus the Kardashian following and influence. What do you get? You get a lot of power in persuading public opinion. Now lets also combine that number, with the amount of dopamine released when a person listens to music, watches porn, and swipes through social media like some desperate Tinder user. The Kardashians have been famous for about nine years give or take. Kanye West became a super star in the year 2000. Think about this. If some one was ten years old in 2000, they are twenty-six years old now. Over this time they have consumed a vast amount of Kimye media. Which, for most, triggers a neural response that provides people with pleasure. Millennials are the largest generation of people, representing 75.4 Million of us. They are the most influenced as well as engaged with Kanye West.

I mean really, and we mean truly break down, how much a persons brain is influenced by this couples opinions and actions. Regardless of how absurd this sounds, millennials are prescribed their products and content with a huge impact on the developing brain. A fan who watches the Kardashians will buy their products. A fan who listens to Kanye will buy his products. The brand of Kimye provides a potential, subconscious influence on voters that would more likely attempt to rationalize endorsing the couple for the first lady and president of the United States. The brain is lazy. It doesn’t have time to read countless amounts of information about real politicians. Kim and Kanye are the most famous people in the world. The brain does the most developing from ages 10-24 years of age give or take. Both of these people have been prominent figures in the content consumed by millennials. Any person who has had a positive reaction to there influence could subconsciously rationalize them as a candidate when they speak or talk about issues. More specifically millennials of all demographics across the board view this family as the likes of American Royalty whether we like it or not it certainly appears our public feels that way.

(Will Silva)

But quite honestly. If you listen to all the videos, read all the tweets, and try to just understand what the guy is saying in his speech it doesn’t sound irrational. It was the wrong stage. It sounds like he has a pretty good hold on how human beings interpret controversy. So let it be known that now and forever, Grime Inc, if not for Hip-Hop wouldn’t exist. So with that being said we fully endorse and support Kanye West for President in 2020. Hip-hop has had one of the biggest cultural impacts on society. Punk, as well as Hip-hop artists, have in some way or another truly become some sort of philosophic force for humanity. The Democrats used rappers countless times this election. Dave Chapelle said Kanye uttered these words once. He was watching unreleased skits of Dave, prior to becoming famous himself. Kanye said to someone who had called him during the viewing  that he couldn’t talk “Cause my life is dope, and I do dope shit.” If you think America is dope and want to do dope shit, share this article. Share it as a joke, share it because you hate it, or dont share it.

On a more serious note, keep Kanye in your thoughts as he goes through this tough time. We are all human, he just happens to be one who is filmed, and followed by millions 24/7. Give the guy a break. He is in the hospital and we wish him the best. This truly isn’t a parody, Kanye may have outbursts from time to time. He battles depression. Mr. West has been an advocate for so many people who suffer from mental illness within his music. He has provided comfort, and joy to so many of us.

Here is a campaign slogan for ya

“In the year 2020, vote Kanye West

so we can know if,  he an Taylor might

still have sex.”

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