Conor McGregor Shook Up The World.

At UFC 205, not only did Conor McGregor become the first man in history to become the only fighter active in two weight classes, and having the belts for both, but he also did it almost effortlessly. McGregor is the biggest super star the sport has ever seen. This is now going to levels beyond any athlete. McGregor came to the UFC, won five fights and fought for the interim belt, which he won. Following this, he defeated Jose Aldo in record fashion. To show you how truly astonishing it was that McGregor knocked out Aldo in the way he did, here are some facts about how frighteningly good Aldo was. From 2006 until 2015 the man never lost a fight. Winning 18 of his fights in a row prior to McGregor, with nine coming by TKO or KO. Aldo is a freak of nature that McGregor toppled in thirteen seconds.



After this, McGregor fought his toughest opponent by far. The Diaz brothers are forged by samurais. They can take any hit, and will outwork anyone. McGregor vs Diaz happened, and Diaz slapped Conor around. Literally. Submitting him almost effortlessly . Conor took the loss way better than the media portrayed. Fans screamed that it was his downfall, and that the next fight would never happen. Not only did the next fight happen, but Conor proved to Nate Diaz and the world that he was one of the toughest SOB’s in the octagon. He went through the Diaz marathon and knocked Diaz down countless times in the fight earning him the decision.


During the whole Diaz ordeal there was two things McGregor wanted. Money, and respect. He originally was suppose to fight against Dos Anjos and become a two division champ, however, Eddie Alvarez got the shot. After the Diaz and McGregor debacle was over they were slated to fight in Madison Square Garden. McGrergor was the favorite, however we again must show you how impressive and masterful the Notorious one is by highlighting just how amazing his opponent is. Eddie Alvarez has been a top three light weight outside of the UFC for years. Alvarez was the Bellator Lightweight champion, prior to becoming the UFC’s Lightweight champion. He had fought around the world and beat multiple former champions, and some of the toughest fighters the division had to offer in the UFC. Alvarez went through and absolute storm of fights to get to the belt. He then absolutely demolished and decimated Rafael Dos Anjos, who was a favorite if he and McGregor fought. McGregor, in two rounds became the best fighter the sport has ever seen, knocking Alvarez down again and again, until finally switching his light off.okheppjw_400x400

(Conor McGregor)

Three weight classes, two of which he is the champion in. He has a slew of challengers approaching him. In the mean time everyone needs to truly appreciate what this man has done. Irish sentiment at Grime Inc is very high. Conor McGregor gave 40 million Irish Americans, and an entire country something to be proud of. The Irish have always valued their fighting spirit. McGregor proved Irish genetics are born to fight. Conor McGregor gave even more value to the fighting Irish.

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