Its only a Reality TV star. What could possibly go wrong?

MSNBC as well as CNN have been accused of spinning the news during this election cycle. The hard-left is just as guilty as the alt-right in lewd comments as of late; they had an entire generation convinced that this was an easy win for the Democrats. Riots have started in California, Oregon, and numerous other locations around the U.S. People are unhappy. The thing about that is…Well he won. Donald J. Trump won fair and square. Grime Inc does not endorse political candidates, but we accept him as our president. Why? So we can move on to making people aware of how important down ballot voting is, as well as looking beyond party ideology when it comes to what the public needs. The Republicans took the House, Senate, and Presidency. Ultimately they are bound to have the supreme court as well. 690.png

At this point, its evident Trump is incapable of passing legislation to ban all Muslims because it violates our constitution. However they can still be profiled, vetted, and investigated. So the fear for our Muslim Americans share with one another is real and also justified. He can deport people, but that wouldn’t really make him any different from our past Presidents as well as our sitting President. The whole immigration-crisis isn’t new. Obama got dubbed “Deporter in Chief”,  so can we all stop acting like this is a shock. In fact in 2011, Obama stopped letting in Iraqi refugees for six months. Americans are notorious for discriminating every incoming immigrant group. Lets be honest, Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate. Now understand what qualified means as a politician. First, break down the definition of being “Political”. It literally means, to be fake to achieve a goal. The Dictionary’s definition for a politician; a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization. Clinton was a master at this. As was the Trump team. He seized the Catholic vote, yet publicly shamed the pope in the same year. His housing developments and company was charged with discrimination. Yet he still had the vote of a guy like Iron Mike Tyson. The former Heavy-weight Champion of the world as well as devout Muslim, who served time in prison for a rape that he claims he was wrongly convicted of. Trump backed Tyson on this claim while he was on trial. If Tyson can see the good in this guy, there has to be something salvageable for the American people to prepare for the good or bad that is to come.


Hillary Clinton has done a tremendous job, and no one should try to take that away from her. That being said the Clinton’s have also played a hand in many disasters in the Middle East. People from that region of the world literally have every right to blame the US for their problems, and more specifically the Clinton’s to a certain degree. Although Trump has done business with the Saudis, its expected of him. He was a billionaire and more importantly; he is a huge asshole. Flat out the man is a 1980’s movie villain. But guess what? He doesn’t have blood on his hands. Hillary does and it made a difference in the election. He says the most vile things one can imagine. Which somehow really comes as a shock to us? The man was a Reality TV Star. What do we expect? How can our society have any right to be angry if we are 100% responsible for someone like Trump? Whats interesting is his honesty about being an asshole. He gladly has shown people he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. His ideology and opinion are the only thing that matter. Give the guy a break is all were saying. A large portion of the mans ideology and beliefs are basically centered around a fantasy about making America into the 1980’s… Again. He cant let go of his glory days. We call it the Charlie Sheen syndrome. Just don’t fight for us like you did for the USFL, Donald.


The left leaning media made the mistake of convincing so many people that this would be a land slide victory. Rather than pointing out the candidates flaws and saying they regret their actions, they went on an absolute war path defending Hillary Clinton. She did have Americas best interest in mind with all of her choices. Let that be known. Every Presidential candidate wants to help Americans. Minus the Middle East. When we try to “help” them we only end up hurting them. Under Obama and Clinton they made an even bigger mess of what was left behind by the Bush administration. Under Clinton and Obama, they decided it would be a good idea to drop more bombs than George Bush. We have racked up a civilian death toll, and clearly destabilized these countries. Some of the left-wing media chose to ignore this, with the exception of the occasional Larry Wilmore drone joke to Obama. He was slammed for this. The very same reaction Larry Wilmore received, was how so many Americans started drifting away from the left. We have come to a point where College Universities wont allow Halloween costumes on campus. Safe-Space and Trigger culture have alienated a large part of the Democratic party, just as the alt-right has split the GOP in two.


Larry was slammed for pointing out that the political party that is all about peace and love, is bombing  the very Muslims Trump wants nothing to do with. Innocent women and children. Six to Seven hundred dead civilians and counting in Syria alone. Due to us “withdrawing” from the Middle East. She received money from big oil, coal, and gas. On numerous occasions her record resembles any pro oil or climate denier. She also had some interesting donations going on with Saudi Arabia. Who literally push Wahhabi ideology that groups like ISIS, and Al Qaeda are radicalized from. Not to mention the massive amount of Human right violations. Now this is a bi-partisan issue but again, how can a candidate publicly shame coal-miners, while she has received and donated millions with coal and oil? She says we are becoming Islamophobic from the very people she has displaced. The same people who are causing such unrest, gave money to the Clinton Foundation. Its not illegal, its just unsettling and is the opposite of liberal ideology.


Trump is the scariest science experiment in U.S. political history. He isn’t Hitler. He is simply put; a narcissist who couldn’t let go of power, and truly has a goal to get an entire country to like him. In the case of creating some unity we might as well figure out some sort of compromise. After all this is the guy who tweeted that climate change was propaganda made up by the Chinese. The only good that can come out of this for now… Well… we cant make any predictions because for all we know oxygen might turn into chlorine tomorrow. We don’t know. No one knows. But when one assumes it “makes and ass out of you and me”. Now, we may finally understand that the candidates we elect, truly are chosen by how well the population is in tune with their local, and state politicians. However  the “White lash” Van Jones spoke about is 100% true. Everyone needs to start hearing out these angry white folk he is talking about, ASAP. This happened because Democrats chose to ignore this growing narrative that suggested white conservative males were all racist, and white conservative women were all controlled by men. Certain undecided white populations down south, in right leaning states were forgotten about. It was assumed that they wouldn’t be of benefit to the Democrats. Even though its the very policies of the democrats that keep the poor from being homeless and hungry. However it has also caused under-employment, a wacky healthcare system in which the blame falls on both parties; and this overall growing trend to deny someones attention if they don’t agree with what you say.


The ones who weren’t racist said “Okay if everyone thinks were all racist its going to be our fault if we don’t start a new Washington.” And they gave us a gift. Corruption got trumped. No pun intended. They said “Here! Take him! The racist, bigot, green energy hating mad man you all accused us of being!”.  Why? Because he and his followers were the only people to listen to them. No matter how disengaged from reality some of these people were, the Trump campaign gave them a voice. The white lash occurred because of the hyper-liberal safe space society, that even true Democrats denounce. Freedom of speech was going out the window, blue collar workers who made over a specific amount no longer had a choice on what they could pay for insurance and people lost money. One of the highest taxes implemented on us as U.S. citizens is the bail out tax from Wall Street. So Democrats on the fringe, whom may have been victims to the very policies that equally help and hurt them, did not like the Clinton Wall Street ties. The Sanders movement made it clear that the Democrats still stick to their roots, but also that there were two types of Democrats now. It persuaded people to vote elsewhere. Even if the candidate is a misogynist and a nationalist. It was Americans way of giving the government the finger.

Voters said screw it. Lets go with the choice where no one knows whats going to happen. Trump made a deal. A deal that is in his favor. He convinced a giant demographic that he can make everything perfect. The way they think its needs to be, even though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest they have what they are demanding. Obama’s policy’s were directly to help this specific group of people. Forget demographics for a moment. The middle class and those living in poverty, Obama made sure to take care of. His policies will continue to help. What now though? How in gods name does such a progressive society make Republicans realize global warming is an issue that is going to affect us. How can we convince them that the ban and illegality of cannabis has put more people in jail then all violent crime offenders locked up COMBINED!? How can we fix the Prison system that Nixon, Reagan, Bush Senior, and Bill Clinton built to make massive financial gains? How can we convince them that if they have the religious right as Christians to discriminate against the LGBT, than Islam has the right to do the same to Christians? Truly at Grime Inc, we don’t know what is going to happen.


For all we know Trump could have ran as a Republican to get the white vote. He might be a closet Liberal just waiting to pass legislation that favors the public. We have no idea, but we advise all American to take a deep breath, put down the guns, put down the picket signs, and just enjoy the last months we have with one of the best presidents we have had the privilege of having in this country. He will go down as one of few Presidents to be able to be bi-partisan while still filling the demand of the public’s needs. He kept the economy in pretty good shape after one of the worst disasters. Its also ironic how they say Obama hasn’t done enough to ISIS, where in fact he did the very thing Trump was heavily criticized for saying he would do. Obama does not get enough credit for his toughness and powerful decision making. Obama authorized drone strikes on Anwar Al -Alwaki, and two weeks later on his sixteen year old son. His son had no evidence of being in an extremist group, however, Obama made a tough decision, that they still say was a mistake. He killed the son of a terrorist. The left, rather than embracing the horrors of the awful decisions one has to make in war, ignores stuff like this entirely. Rather than explaining that these groups pose a tremendous risk to our national security; they have chosen to act like the rage in the Middle East is not our own doing, and that every move we make is for “Democracy”. Truman dropped a bomb he didn’t want to use, just as President Barack Obama has. He will go down as one of the greatest Presidents of all time. Mark are words.





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