The 5 Keys to Understand our Crazy Species via Netflix

Netflix. Its what our children will refer to television as. Which in all honesty isn’t such a bad thing. Netflix has an abundance of powerful documentaries. Most of these films are essential. Seriously, they explain human ethics, what we are doing to the planet, what wars are doing, and also shed the occasional beam of hope. Here are five documentary films you should watch on Netflix.

  1. The Act of Killing

The title, as well as this film is very disturbing. Not because of the images, or scenes of reenacted events. Because of the pure raw story these individuals tell, and how cold they are when it comes to the genocide they were apart of. From 1965-1966 in Indonesia, over one million people were imprisoned, and upwards of 500,000 people were murdered. If you were Chinese, left wing, or part of the Communist party you had a death sentence. The men in the film were a part of a para-military group that acted as a death squad. They would have a said trial, while they were being tortured, then sentenced. One man killed his step father. Cameras follow the men, whom are utterly  bizarre due to their circumstance. The ending, as well as so many powerful interviews just show what human beings are capable of.

2. Black Fish

Sea World is animal imprisonment. Sea World should not exist. Black Fish sheds a light on slavery. These animals are highly intelligent, as aware as humans, and even shoe evidence of having different languages and habits among the species throughout the world. Black Fish shows how a corporation can get away with letting their trainers die, and keeping an amazing animal in a tank. The film was so successful, Sea World is abandoning its Killer Whale program entirely. The film caused sea worlds stock to drop, and as well as overall attendance tremendously. Joe Rogan said it best. “Zoo’s are animal prisons”.

3. Dirty Wars

Get ready to learn some things that you wish you wouldn’t have learned. However the facts in this film are beyond important. A journalist and director venture out to uncover the truth behind Americas secret operational forces that act not so accordingly to  international law in the middle east. Separate your beliefs and opinions, and get ready to absorb vital information about how the rest of the world sees America. These are the mistakes that they don’t want people to hear.  From Special Forces to Drone strikes. We messed up bad.

4. E-Team

E-Team follows a human rights watch team into Syria, Libya, and just about pretty much any place where there is a regime, or dictator. They use pain staking interviews, and first hand accounts of tragedy’s that happened in these area. They are doing what a war correspondent would do, but they are working for the people. These people go well out of their way to risk their lives to get the full story of oppression so we can better understand why humans do such horrible things.

5. Cowspiracy

This film makes you feel better about driving a diesel truck, than eating a hamburger. With good measure as well. Cowspiracy takes on the agriculture industry, and shows us how the biggest environmental terrorists, are actually the meat industry by far, leaving a bigger carbon footprint, then trucks, boats, planes, and cars COMBINED. Numerous environmental companies are seen in the film holding their tongues. Cowspiracy is a great film to watch because it will either make you go vegan, or make you more aware of how you shop for your food.

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