Syria has Hope. Hopefully.

Most Americans would attack Gary Johnson for not knowing what Aleppo is but couldn’t tell you the difference between the Islamic Front, and the Islamic State. If you just read that and don’t know the difference, don’t be ashamed but we highly advise everyone to understand the worlds worst humanitarian disaster since World War Two. The worst part about the situation in Syria, is civilians are being targeted both by the government, and jihadists. Rebels are fighting two wars with little to no help. Especially now that Vladimir Putin has sided with Syria’s dictator. Bashar Al Assad.

Assad looks like a villain out of a comic book you weren’t suppose to be reading because it was to violent. Sadly he is much worse then any super villain. The Free Syrian Army, and the Islamic Front are ‘allied‘ with the west. Providing them aid would make things worse with Iran, and, would also pose a huge threat to a repeat of what happened with ISIS. Assad has broken nearly every international law you can break. Genocide, use of chemical weapons, and attacks on civilians. Most notably children’s hospitals. A child is incapable of doing what Assad claims the people have done. Everyone who is not Shi’a is a terrorist according to Assad. While Sunni Islam tends to be more extreme due to Wahhabi teachings, one can see the same thing with Shia militant groups such as Hezbollah and  Sunni Hamas. Iran also if you wanna throw them in there.

One truly cannot begin to imagine the toll of these atrocities. So if the Free Syrian Army is the original group of people fighting for their freedom, where did ISIS come from? There are a number of different factors and mistakes that well go into, but the truth is lies within the basic human principles of how they took off so fast. Think about it, if you were to have emigrated from Syria, pursued a western education, and naturally went back to protest an oppressive regime all to which resulted in seeing children being suffocated by chlorine gas. How would you react?

Then ISIS comes into the state. “to Liberate Syrians”. Put yourself in their shoes, the free Syrian army is out gunned, as well as out numbered and here come the craziest group of people on the planet with an arsenal of both people, hatred, and weapons. So many young men in Syria were brainwashed into joining ISIS purely off of the thought of ending the regimes oppression. Not to say everyone doesn’t have a choice, but I don’t think anyone could have anticipated how bad groups like the Al Nurza Front, The Islamic State, and Al Qaeda were capable of genocide at this scale. Sadly most rebel groups follow some form of Jihad. When we say the word allied, we mean our media/Government has some form of communication with them.

America, the United Kingdom, Germany, as well as Russia can now look at what 60 plus years of failed foreign policy looks like. Free Syrian Army had received some funding from the U.S. and air support. NATO in general. Drone strikes have left innocent civilians killed all over the middle east. This is why soldiers argue they want more boots on the ground. There is so much more control over a situation like this when the right scenario is established and were willing to do that. Some argue that this needs to play out by itself, and its not longer our responsibility. It is because of the threat that jihad ideology poses to anyone including innocent Muslims that makes this notion false. The most densely populated places in America, also have the widest range of demographics. The threat is real, it has grown but we can stop it just as easily as we started this mess. These people need to be liberated by the right people, and to do this, they need allies.

So the next time you’re cringe worthy racist relative says “All Muslims are bad” you should educate them on the fact that the Kurd’s, Free Syrian Army, and a number of other different groups are fighting so they do not have to live under the oppression all of us Americans are so keened to talking about. Every revolution is terrible if it ends in blood shed. But who are we as Americans to judge anyone when we accounted for wiping out 90% of the Native American population on this continent. We can only hope Syria sees and end to the blood shed, and for once there be peace in the middle east.


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