A Step by Step Analysis of the Origins of ‘Mumble Rap’

The 2016 XXL Freshman Class was more different this year then it ever has been. The line up consisted of what Hot 97.1 and Power 105.1 radio personality’s had dubbed ‘Mumble Rap‘. Mumble rappers do not consider them selves this. They have drawn a lot of controversy with them disrespecting legends of hip hop like Notorious BIG, and 2pac. Vince Staples has declared Mumble Rap, as internet rappers, or the “Post-Makonen” era of hip-hop. How ever, at grime inc we have made a timeline of the events that shaped Mumble rap.

It started with Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and others with their heavy southern beats and accents. You knew what they were saying but it was different and hard to understand. T-Pain chimed in with auto-tune changing the game again. During the height of this, Kanye did the worst thing he could have possibly done. He released 808’s and Heartbreaks. In which he attempted to sing, failed miserably, and had the heaviest beats, and bass. These god forsaken drums led all these kids to become obsessed with this off beat, heavy robotic drum noise.

Kid Cudi released pursuit of happiness with Steve Aoki, which really was the way these mumble rappers learned to interpolate EDM into there music. There sound is heavy electronic, with 808 and EDM type noises rather than anything else. In all honesty, Vince Staples is right. This is just a product of the internet. Lil Yachty was litterally all over Instagram the other day making a new song with the words “My diamonds go bling blow bling” or something along those lines. They are not talent-less, but they are very close to ruining a genre. Hopefully we will see Mumble rap phase out, but we probably wont.

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