The Overwhelming Facts that Suggest You Need to Listen to Isaiah Rashads New Album ‘The Suns Tirade’

@IsaiahRashad is TDE (Top Dawg Entertainments @TopDawgEnt / @txdxe) secret weapon. Yes, School boy Q (@ScHoolBoyQ) and Kendrick Lamar (@KendrickLamar) are saviors of Rap among all of this “mumble rap”. Isaiah Rashad should be the messiah if this is the case. His unique way of combining Jazz, R&B, and Soul with modern Rap mechanics is unlike anything one has ever heard. The album, like with most things from TDE, has a much larger meaning. Isaiah Rashad has flown under the radar by his own choice. At @Grime_Inc, we had the pleasure of watching him preform at the Starland Ballroom (@StarlandNJ) after his first mix-tape, when School Boy Q was on tour for ‘Oxy-Moron’. We knew right away he was going to be something else, but the most intriguing part of his work has to be the fact that he is praised by the greats in hip-hop, and unheard of by “main stream” hip-hop. But true Hip-Hop heads are praising this.


Top Dawg Entertainment

There’s a texture in his music. It comes to your ears like a nostalgic story that you thought about to much and laughed out loud for no reason. It tells such a complex story, while also sticking to Hip-Hop in the most fruitful form. Which is rare now a days. This is not to bash on any newly famous rappers, but Isaiah Rashad deserves just as much praise as Kendrick Lamar does. Countless times during the Suns Tirade Kendricks voice appears, and they made a track together on the album itself. But multiple times there are phone calls from what appears to be School Boy Q, or executives at Top Dawg, telling Rashad he needs to get it together and get the album done or its over.


The Suns Tirade

The honesty he omits in his music, and sound bytes in the album makes you ask a billion questions. Is he depressed? Is he rapping about what he saw or what he did? Why isn’t this on every radio station?! We truly cannot get our heads around it. The album isn’t all that explicit compared to whats out today, and even if some of the content is explicit, at least it has depth and brings meaning to a genre that has forever been attacked for shaping the thoughts and actions of the youth. If you are a rap fan, we highly suggest you listen to @IsaiahRashad ‘s ‘The Suns Tirade’. You’re doing yourself a favor. Trust us.

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