The Persecution of Grime Music

If you have never heard of Grime, don’t worry you are not alone. You haven’t heard of Grime because of the United Kingdoms insane stance on the genre. Born in the early 2000s-late 90s era, Grime is the United Kingdom’s answer to rap. Grime is hip-hop culture for the UK, they eat sleep and breathe Grime. The beats have a heavy dub-step feel to them, and quite honestly dub step owes much of its success to Grime music. Its basically Grime without vocals.


The calm, low, and loud base of dub, along with the growing rave scene in the UK gave birth to a new form of hip-hop. Faster, harder, and banned by some governments. Names like Skepta, Giggs, and Kano might not ring a bell. How about the series “Top Boy” on Netflix? That entire show is based of the life and times of what Grime musicians rap about. The most notorious of Grime artists is Giggs. Vice Media had done a special on Giggs in which he stated that in the video of his first hit single “talkin the hardest” nearly all of the people were either dead, or locked in prison. If you have any prior felony’s in the UK, the police are a lot harder on you. So Giggs has nearly every show shut down, or faces consequences of arrest. He constantly has to bring his fans to secret venues.

However with an ever growing fan base, and a resurgence in the music from todays youth, Grime has entered a new era. This new era hopefully brings more justice to these artist who have worked so hard. It was also announced that Skepta, had now signed with Drake. Skepta is different from most other Grime artists in the fact that he didn’t have criminal background and graduated from college. He has broken ground with police, but still faces the same problems as Giggs and others.


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