MMA Coming To MSG

Finally, the long waited date has arrived. November twelfth the UFC is going to Madison Square Garden. Prior to this year, MMA was illegal in New York. The last state to legalize Mixed Martial Arts, also happened to be the king of combat sports venues. The amount of amazing boxing matches, could not possibly justify MMA being illegal in New York state.  The reason it remained illegal for so long was due to a dispute between the Vegas culinary union and legislators, both democrat and republican, who supported that union.

Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez are the main event. New Jersey Native Frankie Edgar is fighting Jeremy Stephens. Chris Weidmann vs Yoel Romero, Weidmann is basically the king of New York fighters. Tyron Woodley defends his belt against Stephen Thompson. Miesha Tate returns to fight Raquel Pennington. And another interesting bout is the return of Tim Kennedy as well. The list goes on and on, but I think the fight I was most exited about was the women’s straw weight champ Joanna Jedrzejczky against Karolina Kawalkiewicz.

If you have the opportunity to get tickets, I would grab them immediately. This is a historic event and takes place at one of the best sporting venues in the world. The UFC has waited so long to do this, and I can assure you they wont disappoint with this show. All the fighters from the NJ-NY area are pretty much all on the card, and they have been waiting for this moment their entire careers. Plus when isn’t a fight that Conor McGregor is not entertaining?




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